{br-aww} Dialect, chiefly Scottish ~adj.

Unintelligible, yet somehow mysteriously compelling, Scots word for grand, fine, super, etc.

Hello, we are Braw......

Braw Biltong Co was founded by Chris and Lloyd, friends with a passion for quality meat products, and now we are on a mission to make others as passionate about them as we are. We want to showcase the taste and health benefits, not to mention versatility, of quality meat snacks and Biltong in particular. Braw don't just want to compete with generic lowest common denominator products, we want to create a whole new "craft meat product" market.

Our mission, to make others passionate about high quality Biltong, may sound like contrite marketing waffle, but we promise it isn't.

We really do believe in the taste and health benefits of quality meat products, not to mention their versatility. A good quality meat snack is actually more than just a snack, it's a versatile ingredient to be eaten at posh meals and events! 

So even if you don't like the look of Braw Biltong, at least make sure you are eating quality meat products, not the cheap, mass produced "meat based" foods. To paraphrase Hunter S Thompson:

"Good people eat good meat"

For us it all started with making some proper Biltong to enjoy with a good beer while watching the rugby. The importance of producing an exceptional quality Biltong remains our focus.


Braw is not not just a brand name, pushing a product made by a big meat cutting plant, roughly to our specification. We believe in having full control over the quality of our product so that we know it meets our high standards.


We make Biltong in our own bespoke kitchen in Crieff, in the heart of Perthshire. Our Biltong is produced from quality cuts of Scottish Beef and we prepare our marinade from scratch using fresh spices and quality vinegar.