About Biltong

Biltong is a spiced and cured piece of  quality meat, and it's not the same as Jerky!

Real Biltong uses an excellent cut of meat, carefully marinated with just the right amount of spice, and then air dried to perfection. It's commonly eaten as a snack but can also be used as an ingredient in awesome dishes.

Due to it being dried, there's over 200g of raw beef in each 100g of Biltong, making it very high in quality protein, vitamins and minerals.

It ain't Jerky....

Biltong was born out of necessity, a way of preserving meat in the hot South African climate. It might not be necessary for us to preserve it in this way anymore, but when it tastes this good why wouldn't you?

Biltong can be made from nearly any meat, but beef is the most common. Luckily for us we are blessed with some of the finest beef in the world here in Scotland.

Similarly, most cuts of beef can be used to make Biltong, with Silverside being common, Topside is popular among higher end brands and who knows what the cheap brands use.


For us, Biltong is a celebration of the taste and texture of great meat and so only only the best cuts will do. Our flagship product, Proper Biltong, uses only the D Rump (as in rump steak) cut of beef, giving it a flavour and texture which we believe makes it one of the best Biltongs out there.