Biltong and Beer Pairing

It's Friday afternoon, for many the time for a beer, and Biltong makes a great accompanying snack. But what beer goes with what biltong? A handy guide below!

First things first, drink responsibly!

Backsides covered, lets tell you what goes with what. There are a multitude of beer options out there, especially with the rise of the craft brewing scene, and we can't cover them all but here's our quick Friday guide to a few of our favourite pairings, of course you won't go wrong eating any Biltong with any quality beer:

  • Proper Biltong - The mellow spice and predominant coriander in our Proper Biltong goes best with something that is equally balanced and smooth. Try a traditional IPA, Golden Ale or even a Porter or Stout. Try Dark Ness by Loch Ness brewery or Edinburgh Gold by Stewart Brewing.

  • Garlic Biltong - This is quite a strong flavoured one, so go for something with quite a sharp flavour, such as a wheat beer / Hefeweizen, with a flavour more on the wheat and barley rather than hops to work with the garlic rather than hop centred flavour to compete with it. Try Goose 312 by Goose Island Beer Company or Track 29 by Fallen Brewing

  • Pepper Biltong - Very similar to Proper Biltong but with a slightly edgier pepper bite, this is where we look for bers that have more aroma hops. Try a modern IPA, american pale ales and hoppy red ales. Try the go to IPA, Punk IPA by Brewdog or India Pale Ale by St Andrews Brewing Co.

  • Chilli Biltong - Similar to the Pepper Biltong but with much more chilli bite, this also needs a beer that bites back. Many bold, modern pale ales will also fit the bill for Chilli Biltong, as well as a good lager, such as a dry hopped pilsner. Try Brave New World by Tempest Brewing, Clockwork Orange by Brewdog, or again Punk IPA is an easy choice!

As noted above, the possibilities are endless and these are just our suggestions for a starter, get in touch and let us know what your favourite pairing are.

And finally, we can't go without reminding you that, no matter what you do, eat and drink quality Biltong and beer. Don't settle for the lowest common denominator products, quality over quantity people, please!