It's not Jerky, stop it.....

This is a painful one for us to write, and we really want Braw Banter to be about more than the same old stuff you read in any other blog. That said, there are certain things you just need to address before getting into the juicy stories, and given how often we hear "so it's the same as Jerky then" this is one of those things.

So, what is the difference between the two?

Well there's provenance for a start, but neither come from Braw's corner of the world, so let's not worry about that. We'll stick to the important differences:

  • Biltong uses vinegar and more salt in the marinade to cire the meat. Some Jerky's have a short marinade but rarely contain vinegar

  • Jerky is prepared from thin strips of meat while Biltong uses thicker cuts

  • Biltong is slow dried (4-6 days) in mild air only while Jerky is rapidly dried at a higher temperatures

  • Jerky uses a lean meat which is thoroughly dried, while Biltong uses meat with some fat marbling and is dried out less to maintain some meat texture

  • Jerky is often smoked while Biltong is never smoked

These all add up to 2 very different food products, with Biltong having a softer texture and more balanced flavour profile.

Of course, for us, there's one clear winner but whatever you think of Biltong (or Jerky), you no longer have an excuse for not knowing the difference!

Happy Friday, grab a beer (or wine) and Biltong people, you've earned it!