Meat your health kick!

lThere's a lot of views, news and opinions out there about the health effects of eating meat, especially red meat. We're no doctors or nutritionists, but in an attempt to set the record straight, here's what we do know about Billtong.

First of all the good points in relation to health:

  1. It's really high in protein - this is the best known fact, and it's important because protein is used to build and repair muscle and tissue. A 40g bag of Proper Biltong provides 30-50% of your RDA, depending on your body weight?

  2. It's a high quality protein - the quality of protein is also important, and Biltong contains natural animal sourced protein which are generally considered higher quality as they closely match human protein composition

  3. It's relatively low in calories - Proper Biltong contains approximately half the calories of potato crisps per 100g.

  4. It's low in fat - Biltong has less than half the fat of the potato crisps considered above.

  5. It's extremely low in carbohydrates - for those that consider carbs enemy number one, Biltong is perfect. In particular it is very low in sugars, less than 0.1% in Braw's products which contain no added sugar.

  6. There are no artificial flavours - good quality Biltong uses fresh natural spices for taste, with no MSG or artificial flavourings

  7. It is not cooked at high temperatures - one of the concerns around red meat is the potential presence of carcinogens, however these are formed when the meat is overcooked or cooked at very high temperature, which is never the case with Biltong which is air dried at room temperature.

  8. Biltong naturally contains no gluten - out of respect to coeliacs, we cannot categorically state it is Gluten Free as we are not certified as such, but the ingredients used mean it should not contain gluten

So that's all great, but what about the bad points, there must be some right? Well those would mostly revolve around the sustainability and environmental impact of eating meat generally, and those are the subject of some Banter for another day!

Happy Friday!