Provenance #1 - Location is everything

Time for the first in the provenance series, a little delve into the workings of the food industry.

We make a big thing about the fact that our core range of biltong uses Scotch Rump beef, and we’re proud to have worked with The Buffalo Farm and Millers of Speyside, but why? What is so important about all this.

Well its all about provenance, knowing where our ingredients come from and where they’ve been. Knowing that we’ve sourced an ingredient which is (relatively) local and has been fed on a good grass diet, then properly handled by reputable suppliers.

Of course we’re Scottish and currently almost all of our trade is in the UK (one step at a time!), so the claim of using Scotch beef is a good one. Our customers know and trust the brand and it says we care more about good quality than lowest cost. But as we continue our quest to make people passionate about quality meat we may open facilities in other parts of the world, and would look to use the best quality local meat we can find there. This locality is important for customers, but its also responsible as a business, supporting local farmers and minimising the environmental impact of transportation.

The challenges facing the meat industry, and particularly beef, are significant as pressure

builds on the sustainability of farming and eating meat. But this is an industry that's used to challenges and perhaps its just as much up to us, the downstream businesses and consumers, to contribute to the solution. Eating locally sourced and responsibly produced meat rather than going for cheaper meats of far less reputable provenance, or worse, meat from far off distant lands just because it sounds exotic.

Actually why stop at meat? The Braw team live in central Scotland, a country blessed with near infinite amounts of fresh water, and yet every shop and cafe is filled with plastic bottles of water from France and Italy. Or British water that has been distilled (an energy intensive process) to make it sound purer and smarter. How is any of this good for the environment? Why are people picking on the cows? I smell a counter campaign!

Anyway, that got a bit deep. It’s Friday, go have a big Scotch Beef steak (or a Biltong salad if you’re being healthy), a good drink and relax